Chongqing roads


In Beijing roads are straight and flat. That is definitely not the case in Chongqing. It was the day after Chinese new year eve so not so many cars on the road. I really liked that city the first few days. Not crowded at all. Until a few days later and people where done staying at home celebrating. The weather in south west China is most of the time foggy like this.


The flute player


I’m back from a two week vacation in south west China. Chengdu and the panda research base was one of the places we visited. If you go there you really should get there early like we did and was advised to do. We walked in with the workers in the park at 8 in the morning. The pandas are really active in the morning and it was really fun to watch and photograph.


My new favorite travel setup is a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 28-300 mm lens. You have to sacrifice a little bit on image quality but having that range of focal length easily accessible make you shoot a lot more.


Only Lightroom adjustments. Contrast, clarity and that kind of stuff.


Snow sculpture in Harbin, China

I spent a few days with my girlfriend in Harbin over new year. It’s a freezing cold city in northern China. It was -25 celcius during the day and below -30 in the evenings. It’s famous for its ice and snow sculpture festival. I didn’t do much photography during the trip but my camera was of course with me. Actually I enjoyed more to document the trip with my GoPro. I really like that small, sturdy, wide angle, capture all camera. It takes less attention from also enjoying the trip. You can just leave the camera on and point it at whatever seems interesting. It doesn’t even have a display so you can’t even look at what you are filming but usually it turnes out pretty good anyway. It takes some hours of editing when you get home though. Here’s a video I put together from the trip.